Different Shades Of Love?

I opened Twitter two days ago and was immediately drawn to a quote tweet that said, ‘What if he KNOWS that he needs both?’. This was in response to someone who had tweeted something like, and I am paraphrasing here, ‘A real man who knows what he wants will not date a second woman while in a relationship with another’.

It was the question that caught my attention – ‘what if he KNOWS that he needs both?’. The replies to this question were interesting. They seemed to suggest that it is possible to fully commit to two different relationships. My own reply, which never got tweeted, was “various shades of love’. My mind was full of questions which I would like to share here.

Do parents love their children equally? Is it possible?

Sibling love. Do you love your siblings the same way?

Juggling between your spouse/partner and side dish? What is the difference between that love for a spouse and that of a side dish? Is it possible to love them exactly the same way?

What is your take on any of these questions above? If your answer starts with ‘it depends,’ explain what it depends on.

Given a second chance, which love would you repeat? Which one would you avoid? State your reasons.

7 thoughts on “Different Shades Of Love?

  1. By nature people love each other according to how they are treated. And with my siblings. . . we love each other differemtly I guess. Simply because it’s two against one. I have a lil suster who im close to and withy brother, we are not so close. But we love each other.

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  2. I have never loved anyone as much as I love my husband, and I can’t imagine being with anyone else. So, no, I would not consider having someone else while still married.

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    1. Hello Michelle. Your thoughts are not just a response to what has been written. You have just shined a brighter light on marriage. A light that shows contentment and happiness in marriage. A light that modern culture tries by all means to dim.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I wish I could show this comment to your husband. Blessed man!


  3. Love is way more than a contract between two people, it is a construction that compels the participants to go beyond narcissism for tough love that we must reinvent itself.
    The family is the school of duties -founded on love. Each day of our lives we make dipsits in the memory banks of our children and siblings.
    Yes parents love their children .but not all it depends……Any problem,big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn’t listening.

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  4. I think that people love you because of how you make them feel. Secure, respected, worthy and all those things. Human love is conditional.
    The love between siblings is different, or could be different based on how y’all grew up, I and my siblings did not have friends so we were always together, even now that’s still the case… But I must say that my younger siblings have an enormous love for me, and I love them greatly too. I am not sure if I love either of them more than the other😂😂
    wife and side chic??!🙂🙂 It’s different, people are selfish and would want to experience all the love, so if they cannot teach their partners how they want to be loved, they outsource. ( People who cheat do not love actually love their partners any less than the next person, they are looking for a thrill they’ve lost in their marriage, hence we have a lot of poly monogamous relationships around)!

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    1. Hi Sharon. The first part of you comment makes me envious of your relationship with your siblings. The second part of the comment was a sermon. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

      Just a question on the “selfish” part, though. Is it selfish to want to experience “all the love”, or it is selfish to outsource the missing love you wish to experience when you have failed to teach your partner on how to provide it?


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