Caged People – Part 2

Hi there! This is the second and final part of collaborated thoughts on caged people. I know the title is a bit crazy, but it is what i chose to describe people in very strict and religious environments. If you read part 1, you will remember that we covered the effects of strict environments on … Continue reading Caged People – Part 2

Lessons From The WinterABC Festival

So i participated in this year's blogging challenge organised by Afrobloggers called the WinterABC. This is an annual storytelling festival that runs throughout the month of June where participants are challenged to write and post daily with the exception of weekends. Bloggers are prompted to write based on each week's theme and sponsored subjects. The … Continue reading Lessons From The WinterABC Festival

Shut Your Mouth – #WinterABC2022 (Day 2)

When you get noticed and finally get the attention you wanted, shut up! You will ruin the whole thing. People have lost negotiated deals because of their uncontrolled urge to keep talking.

Different Shades Of Love?

I opened Twitter two days ago and was immediately drawn to a quote tweet that said, 'What if he KNOWS that he needs both?'. This was in response to someone who had tweeted something like, and I am paraphrasing here, 'A real man who knows what he wants will not date a second woman while … Continue reading Different Shades Of Love?