Through The Chair: Moderating A Meeting

Moderating a meeting in Zambia is commonly known as "chairing a meeting". So do not be shocked, as moderator, when you hear someone say "through the Chair" with a raised hand. That is a way of asking for recognition and permission to say something in a meeting. Now I find "through the Chair" to be … Continue reading Through The Chair: Moderating A Meeting

Transparency In Your Study Hour

Following my posting on The Cycle Of Pain, i have been thinking on what else can be done to ensure that children and dependants are protected. In this article i share my thoughts on writing and studying in the night. This will be a very polite advice to married creatives/students, including those that are co-habiting.

Caged People – Part 2

Hi there! This is the second and final part of collaborated thoughts on caged people. I know the title is a bit crazy, but it is what i chose to describe people in very strict and religious environments. If you read part 1, you will remember that we covered the effects of strict environments on … Continue reading Caged People – Part 2

Caged People – Part 1

Sexual purity is taken very seriously and approached with a lot of Do's and Dont's. Sex talk is considered to be ungodly conversation because it opens doors to sin. This deprives the youth of the much needed sexual information in their delicate stage of life. You cannot pray sexual feelings away.

Lessons From The WinterABC Festival

So i participated in this year's blogging challenge organised by Afrobloggers called the WinterABC. This is an annual storytelling festival that runs throughout the month of June where participants are challenged to write and post daily with the exception of weekends. Bloggers are prompted to write based on each week's theme and sponsored subjects. The … Continue reading Lessons From The WinterABC Festival

How Play Heals Me – #WinterABC2022 (Day 21)

In a fast paced, result driven and high stress business world, one has to find a way to recharge and quickly get back to business. I work in a busy retail environment where I have to endure long hours of work on my feet while dealing with demanding staff and customers, non-stop. My employer has … Continue reading How Play Heals Me – #WinterABC2022 (Day 21)

Social Media Can Be Confusing – #WinterABC2022 (Day 14)

Social media has connected the world in ways we never imagined a few decades ago. It has given a voice to those without one, and it has silenced those who thought they had a voice. Cowards find their bravery and the invisible get to be seen. It is also a place of activism; where people … Continue reading Social Media Can Be Confusing – #WinterABC2022 (Day 14)

The Cycle Of Pain – #WinterABC2022 (Day 13)

One of the less talked-about effects of sexual abuse on victims is that they are likely to abuse sex, and probably go on to sexually abuse others - knowingly or unknowingly.

This African Woman – #WinterABC2022 (Day 12)

The prompt for stories of awareness week is "African Women" but I want to talk about this African woman 'A weaker vessel' They say she is A barrier breaker She truly is With un-natural determination Her followed instincts Very natural With uneducated efforts She educates her child This African woman A mother Our hope With … Continue reading This African Woman – #WinterABC2022 (Day 12)