Ubuntu: Transferring The Spark

But true joy comes from being able to finally rid yourself of problems that burdened you. You get the feeling of a genius who just discovered the formula to problem-free living. It sparks the desire to share the knowledge with others.

A Spark: The Fire Within

I noticed a small scar on my other hand of what used to be a huge cut and a bad wound a few years ago. I got to thinking of how the body heals itself. There it was! Like a matchstick rubbed on a dry matchbox, a spark flew with excitement from my mind to my lips: "I can cure my own problems!"

You Still Belong She held him tight, a love so strong Seeing him as guest felt wrong A sad guest playing along He leans in, whispers "stop it" Steps back in sweet retreat She let's go assuring that he still belongs This image was posted as this week’s poetry prompt by Afrobloggers. Check out #AbWPE on Twitter. … Continue reading You Still Belong

Don’t Take Sides: A Manager’s Role As Referee

Your role as a manager is to be a referee. The presence of a referee also signifies the presence of a fight or contest. Allow your subordinates to fight.

Do Not Scream. Manage!

A manager berates and threatens a junior employee for always reporting late for work. A few choice words are used. At the next morning meeting, the junior employee goes ballistic and accuses managers of letting power go to their heads.

A Free Earning Opportunity For Bloggers

It will also be encouraging to receive support from those that appreciate our content. It will not hurt to leave a channel open for a little financial support from consumers of our content.

Daily Prompt: A Break From What?

While I no longer need a break, I understand why I needed this annual leave which just came to an end today. I was mentally exhausted. I felt like I was no longer in control of my team: I was no longer productive.

Bad News Packaged Positively Gets Results

People with influence need to realize that things will not always go according to plan. What we choose to be in those moments when things go wrong, determines whether we succeed or not