How Parenting Has Helped My Blog

Parenting switches on a light bulb

Being a parent is a blessing. It turns you into a softie as much as it turns your heart into a stone. One day you are tolerating nonsense from a child and another day you are withstanding and ignoring cries from a child whose heart you just crushed with punishment.

As a blogger, my children have given me the much needed inspiration for some of the content I have posted on this blog. Those little interactions and experiences with them kids have turned out to be stories I have used to carry and deliver some lessons to my readers. A blog that was dead just 2 years ago can now boast of a few more followers and good numbers than before.

This blog post is meant to share links to some of my articles that were inspired by my Children. Enjoy!

Take A Break: This article encourages people to step back for a while and attempts to show the benefits of taking breaks.

Bad News Packaged Positively Gets Results: A time comes when we are faced with the responsibility of delivering bad news to a team, wife, husband, children, e.t.c. How we do it determines whether we continue getting positive results or not. Read on to see how to get good results.

A Manager’s Role As Referee: sometimes the people we manage will fight among themselves or try to drag us in their personal fights. My advice? Let them fight! Read on to understand why.

Policies: A Lesson From My Son: People will always expect you to live by the same principles you impose on them. Check this one to see how my son rebuked me.

I said these blog posts were inspired by my Children. Maybe I should say that the trauma from some of the experiences with my kids was too much to ignore that I had to write about the experiences. The universe felt sorry for me and decided to give me lessons from interacting with kids.

Whether trauma or inspiration, I hope you enjoy reading the blog posts.


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