Home Of The Child Soldier – #WinterABC2022 (Day 5)

Because of it's trusting and accommodating people, Africa today has another type of child soldiers. Our children are captured early in schools and programmed to think and act a certain way based on what their little minds are fed by the powers that be

The Role Of Storytellers – #WinterABC2022 (Day3)

Hello. Its me again. I have been wondering if my writing will make sense today. Week 1 of the WinterABC festival is closing, so i thought i should talk about African storytellers and their role in keeping our history alive. Nigeria has one of the best national anthems in Africa. While it is exclusively associated … Continue reading The Role Of Storytellers – #WinterABC2022 (Day3)

Shut Your Mouth – #WinterABC2022 (Day 2)

When you get noticed and finally get the attention you wanted, shut up! You will ruin the whole thing. People have lost negotiated deals because of their uncontrolled urge to keep talking.