Dear Leader: A Poem

I have been thinking about ways of rewarding those whose lives have impacted society and individuals in a positive way. I have found it a difficult task to find a befitting gift for such people. The only reward they usually demand is “do the same for others”. So to save myself the trouble of looking for a gift that will not even march my gratitude, I wrote this poem. Enjoy!

Dear leader.

I am not under your wings

Yet you carry me.

I am but a life

Illuminated by your light,

Praise in my heart I sing,

A flower of gratitude I bring.

For one whose ways are not sin.

Though not a movie,

Your life I watch.

Though not recorded,

you remain a voice in my head.

When schooled by reality,

Your life remains an example.

My example by which I win

Feel like buying me some coffee?


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