2022: My Year In Review

We are in the last few hours of 2022 and what a year it has been for me. The year started with me trying for the first time to set goals for the year ahead. I struggled because I did not even know how to go about new year’s resolutions. You know how they say “count your blessings”? The year started by me counting my problems. Because I am the kind that looks at problems as opportunities, I told myself that my problems were just a list of things God was going to solve for me in the year 2022. I cut the list to 3 major items i.e. blogging, personal Improvement, and mentoring staff for future management and leadership roles.


I entered 2022 with zero blog activity from 2020 and 2021. This was the year I decided to revive this blog by posting once every month, at least. The planned maximum posts for the year was 24, and minimum was 12. It was difficult at first but I gained momentum with my participation in the WinterABC writing challenge hosted by Afrobloggers. This month-long challenge was the highlight of my blogging journey as it connected me to other bloggers. My numbers grew (see comparison photo below) and so did my confidence. I finally beat imposter syndrome and identified as blogger on my socials. I am poor at reading books so I read other bloggers’ work. My blogging year was a success. I exceeded my own expectations.

Personal Improvement

Professionally, I felt I needed to be a bit more strategically with my sales and leadership responsibilities. I set out to enhance my skills through LinkedIn Learning. It was the most intensive self improvement program I had ever put myself on. I finished mor than 11 courses by the end of February. (see full list in the photo below). Skills learnt helped me while I acted in my boss’ position for more than 7 months. Indeed opportunities come to those who prepare. I implemented strategies, together with my team, that avoided a total disaster. Strategies that brought lost customers back to doing business with us. I learnt that balancing between benefits for the customer and those for the business is very important and crucial to customer retention and the general sustenance of any business.

List of LinkedIn courses completed

Staff mentorship

I already have 2 guys that were trained in management by a professional trainer. This year I wanted one more person to be trained. This meant that I had to do the training myself because…Covid19 restrictions. I picked a lady with so much potential who had shown a lot of improvement in the last 2 years. Mentoring a female as a leader also meant that I was contributing towards our diversity and inclusion belief in an environment where males held a majority of management roles.

The training took a few months to complete but it was a success. The lady stepped up and handled practicals with authority and grace. She earned the respect of her peers who accepted her as their “boss” (their own words). My colleagues also recognized her ability to lead and manage a team. I hope she gets appointed as a manager, wherever the opportunity will present itself, be it within our environment or outside. Biggest realization was that deliberate efforts to mentor staff, male or female, for leadership roles give them a headstart in the selection process for future roles.

On a sad note, I lost a friend in 2022 whose death made me realize that the phrase “life is short” was born out of pain. We have no control over how long someone remains on earth. Do not push away those that reach out to say sorry. It might be the last act you see from them. Reconcile and be at peace. NOW! I learnt the hard way.

2023 Plans

I hope to continue exploring poetry. I will also continue writing articles that take less than 5 minutes to read. Zambian readers do not like long reads (me too😁).

2023 will be the year I break the curse of not reading books. I plan on reading a maximum of 4 books. Asking for recommendations will just make me end up with more books than I can read, so I will stick to buying from the book store – 2 non-fiction, 1 fiction (African author) , 1 Zambian author.

I plan on upgrading this blog from a free WordPress site to a full website. A podcast also seems to be a good idea. I would love to feature bloggers and others whose minds need to be heard.

Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting this blog and reading my “unschooled” thoughts. Special hugs and fist bumps to those that comment and like what I post.

Have a wonderful 2023


7 thoughts on “2022: My Year In Review

  1. 2 questions.

    What do you think contributed towards the zero blogging for 20 n 21?

    What will a paid site give you that will help in your blogging goals?

    I too like shorter posts πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. I blame it on Imposter syndrome. I began feeling like no one cared about what I wrote because I was not an expert in anything. A voices in my head kept saying “let your midnight thoughts remain in your bedroom” (note: I always forgot brilliant thoughts from the night before, so i started this blog).
      I also never created time for writing whenever I felt like coming back. This was between 2018 and 2021.

      2. The same way people spend money on their hobbies is the same way I want to spend on this only hobby I have and treasure. I want to fully own it by personalizing the url.

      I might want to partner with some businesses at some point so, getting rid of the “.wordpress” in the address seems like a good idea. This might be excitement from my newly found confidence from last year’s blogging activities but yeah…that is what i’m likely to do.

      Do you have any advice or thoughts for me? I am open to suggestions. Email me please.

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      1. Honestly, my only piece of advice at this point is to highly encourage you to write for yourself. Because if you expect blogging to pay social dividends (ie, people caring about what you write, whether you’re an “expert” or not), you are in big trouble. Not because it is impossible, but because the effort you have to put in is going to outweigh whatever you receive in turn.

        If you are happy with what you are writing, it will show through.

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  2. You had a great year my leader. Happiest blessed new year.

    You were consistent this past year and it was beautiful to watch. I believe this year there will be even greater results and booming stats as you move to full website.
    Good luck with your personal growth and mentorship coaching sessions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lebo!!! Happy new year to you too.

      Thank you very much. It was indeed a good year for me. I’m excited for 2023.

      Looking forward to continued awesomeness on your blog.

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