His Vulnerability

A man lies on the floor in a helpless state
A helpless man on the floor
Photo by KirstenMarie on Unsplash

By fleshly desires

He lies conquered on the floor.

His own body

He cannot control.


His vulnerability

One thought on “His Vulnerability

  1. Women can be a very delicate specie of humans that can habour vegeance for a considerable period.
    Every one takes cognizance that men are most weak and vulnerable with sex and its through this porality that women take advantage to settle a score or worse still an assignment.
    Its in view of this advent that men must have pleasant memories and tender exemplary treatment to the women fork all the time.
    If need be a due diligence is imperative and not acting on the spur of the moment.
    Women will always be loved as they submit in a serene setting.
    I submit !

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