How Play Heals Me – #WinterABC2022 (Day 21)

In a fast paced, result driven and high stress business world, one has to find a way to recharge and quickly get back to business. I work in a busy retail environment where I have to endure long hours of work on my feet while dealing with demanding staff and customers, non-stop.

My employer has a deliberate policy to have fun at work so I take advantage of this policy by dancing. I know others renew their energies by taking breaks, but me? Let the right beat hit that intercom or store stereo and my body is already moving. I might not know the song but as long as the beat speaks my language, I will dance to that music. This shocks but impresses customers who usually go like “you can’t wait for Friday, can you?”. My response is usually, “I don’t want to die with stress.”

This simple act of playfulness is very rejuvenating for me as I find that whatever stress or exhaustion I feel magically disappears. It is especially rewarding when i get a customer to join-in in the dance. The laughter that comes from watching terrible dancing is healing.

Another way I heal from stress is through the group cheer and singing. Companies can have “fun” policies but it is up to an individual to take personal steps to be happy. I can be as tired as an old vehicle, but healing comes immediately I sing or chant a few words in our war cry.

I leave you with a video of one of those stress relieving activities. Wait… Who is that guy in a cap?

Fun at work

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