Social Media Can Be Confusing – #WinterABC2022 (Day 14)

Social media has connected the world in ways we never imagined a few decades ago. It has given a voice to those without one, and it has silenced those who thought they had a voice. Cowards find their bravery and the invisible get to be seen. It is also a place of activism; where people fight for a greater cause.

Sometimes I take my ignorant self to Twitter and see if I can identify fellow ignorant tweeps there. I tell you, social media can be confusing.

So I opened my Twitter and a tweet screamed, “May your daughters meet men like you”. Allo! It is too early wena! Why are you cursing our daughters? I understood that it was a simple rant based on possible boyfriend or baby daddy issues, but my mind had already started on the path of confusion.

Between a mother and father, who gets praised for nurturing children? Are we not the ones who praise and appreciate our mothers for raising us and teaching us the values of life? Every year we thank our mothers for their strength and sacrifice in bringing us up in the way they did. So why then do we leave them out when blaming their irresponsible sons? Ayi wena! May your sons meet women like you.

But seriously, i find twitter to be a place where people sometimes want to be activists for likes and retweets, so they add a little drama and a bit of vayolence. There seems to be a misconception that when you fight for something then you automatically are against something else. You can fight for someone’s rights without fighting against those of another. Yes you can fight for women without fighting against men.

Social media is for fighting vices. Not fighting peaple.


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