Nkalamu The Lion Cries – #WinterABC2022 (Day 8)

“Until the Lion begins to write; the story will always glorify the hunter,” said Chimbwi the hyena.

“What do you think, Chimbwi? You think I haven’t tried?” Nkalamu asked in a shaky voice.

“But you’re a Lion, Nkalamu! Show courage and try again,” retorted Chimbwi.

Nkalamu the Lion found a spot up the tree where he could gaze at to avoid eye contact with Chimbwi. His tears almost dropping, he lifted his head and raised his eyes towards that spot in the tree.

Photo Credit: Hu Chen

Overcome with emotion, Nkalamu was quiet for a while before taking in a deep breath to begin talking.

“What makes you think the audience is interested in my story?”

“You have to try,” Chimbwi pushed.

So I write my story then what? I compete for the same audience as the hunter – heroe of the masses? My story will just make me look like a jealous individual. This audience loves a hero; not someone who goes against what they have already learnt to love.

“My very first attempt to explain my pain was met with questions of what I thought about the hunter’s handling of his unique spear”

How can I tell my story when I can’t even write my truth? They expect me to flow with the hunter’s story so that his image remains glorified for injustices done against me,” Nkalamu complained.

“If I told my story; would you believe me? Will you be there to help me share it? I fear that while I try to shout my story with my voice, the hunter will use his star power and influence to reach a bigger audience with a megaphone. My story will not be believed because the hunter will have done a good job of undermining my message.”

Chimbwi interrupted and asked, “What will you do?”

“I have decided to become a hunter also. My strength against weaker animals makes me a mighty conqueror who is loved by audiences. I will rewrite my story.”

And with that, Nkalamu let out a loud roar that made Chimbwi to run for his life. They were no longer friends. One was now a hunter and the other the hunted.

Is the Lion a product of his past, or a prisoner of it?

“Until the audience shows interest in both stories; the Lion’s story will remain untold.”

22 thoughts on “Nkalamu The Lion Cries – #WinterABC2022 (Day 8)

  1. Wow Many Are Days I Felt Like Lion Did,Today This Story Makes Me Stronger.I now feel Like an Oak Tree In a Flower Pot😑
    Thank You For Sir

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  2. I have read the two story , thats why you’re called Mr B. We need more of these stories because they remind us of golden old days when we used to hear stories from our fore father’s

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  3. What an interesting analogue!
    We basically, become prisoners to people’s expections to the extent of even forgetting about our own personalities

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  4. kiKiKiKi this story is most intriguing and makes me vividly see it in our own humanity perception of the poor !! No matter how much wisdom you have amassed over the years may not supersede someone with MONEY !!
    In family circles, the death of a close relative will be first be told to the richer brother or sister regardless of the distance – meanwhile the poor you and me Within the neighbourhood hears the news last. What despondency in Life as it at times favours fools !!
    Kikikiki any way at times its difficult to change human mind-sets, I submit !!

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  5. Wow, that’s totally awesome….. People have a lot of talents and skills that are hidden, not until they publicize them that’s when they realize how awesome and interested are their skills to the Public……. VERY TEACHEABLE……

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