A Different Africa – #WinterABC2022 (Day 6)

“Until the Lion begins to write; the story will glorify the hunter.” This proverb prompts me to show the other side of Africa that is never shown in the western media. Our good side can only be fully told and shown by us Africans. The western media shows the bad side because it is almost the only time they come over to cover Africa. The Western media and it’s half truths is the lens through which they make their citizens and donors see Africa. Good media business, right?

I thought of doing my part in correcting the narrative. Here is another side of Africa.

Photo by Katsuma Tanaka

The photo above shows travel by train. Yes indigenous Africans actually pay with their own money to travel. It does not fit into Western media’s narrative of Africans walking long distances with bags on their heads as they flee fighting.

Photo of Levy Mwanawasa stadium by Bernard Chama

Africa is usually shown as a place with dilapidated infrastructure. That is true but we also have good infrastructure in perfect condition that is fully operational. We have sports infrastructure where sports events take place without disturbance or threats of mass shootings. Wait…the mass shootings part is not an African problem.

The Hilton Garden Inn in Lusaka

Hotel photos and those of world class lodges are a rare feature on western media. It is concerning how they concentrate on covering troubled spots while neglecting the nice places that accommodate them. Bad things are covered for free on their screens while airtime for tourist attractions and other good things has to be paid for. They are here to tell a Western story of Africa. Images of bombed buildings are good business for them. Africa’s business should be to tell own stories.

Happy Children, Sierra Leone. Photo by Annie Spratt
Happy pupils in Uganda. Photo by Bill Wegener

Our children are happy and actually go to school. Yes some schools in rural areas are not in the best of conditions, but we do send children to school. Do you see any crying children with flies on their mouths?

Zebra in Malawi. Photo by Ray Aucott

They say Africa is a jungle. Well they are not really wrong. We have jungles that are still untouched and full of wild animals. These jungles are protected national parks where tourists come to spend their money on.

Victoria falls. Photo by Paul Milley

Behold the mighty Victoria falls in it’s Majesty. Africa is home to many natural wonders that are hidden by this biases reporting that only exports fear of Africa to the world.

The world has enough places to hear bad things about Africa. The powerful control the narrative about our continent through their grip on the media. You know their interests in Africa are not the same as those of Africans. They have an agenda to benefit from both their audience and the continent.


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