Home Of The Child Soldier – #WinterABC2022 (Day 5)

It is true that Africa is a blessed continent with natural resources, beautiful cultures and an amazing people. It is also true that Africa has experienced the curse of wars for a long time now. Wars caused by selfish adults who fail to agree and compromise on issues. Adults driven by greed and the determination to have their way as the only option and solution to problems.

Motivated by the desire to control resources, these uncompromising adults turn to brute force to impose their will. Those on the side of the government use national resources like the military to fight. Those on the other side turn to unconventional ways of fighting; this is where child soldiers come in.

Children abducted from helpless parents are forced to carry and fire guns. Taught to maim and kill as the only way to survive and show authority, these kids go on to terrorize communities and rape innocent girls and women. Their young minds have been twisted to believe that violence is the only way to handle things and show strength. They are a useful, yet poorly rewarded tool in the hands of well funded war lords.

Because of it’s trusting and accommodating people, Africa today has another type of child soldiers. Our children are captured early in schools and programmed to think and act a certain way based on what their little minds are fed by the powers that be. Those of us who went to secondary school from 1997 to early 2000s in Zambia were recruited as child soldiers to hate our founding President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda through a civics text book that painted the man in a certain negative way. Frederick Chiluba’s government allowed a text book with subtle hatred to kill Kaunda’s future influence. Fast forward a few years later, Kaunda who is a respected statesman in our neighbouring countries died without the respect of an entire generation in his own country.

Child soldiers can be in war-torn countries can be rescued and rehabilitated to change their course of life. This is the biggest relief from this sad story of child soldiers. Can the same be said about children indoctrinated at offical institutions? Is it by chance that we have lost the sense of community where we used to care about the next person? Will we ever be rehabilitated?

We need to look at our education system and check the things that are being fed to the young minds of our children. Are theories and lessons being advocated for by “donor” organisations in good faith, or just a way of recruiting child soldiers for their own interests in future? How sure are we that this “education” is not using Africa as testing ground for foreign theories? What about vaccines? Are our infants another type of child soldiers? Remember the covid vaccine scandal and how they wanted to first test it in Africa? Yes it was not for infants but yeah…

Are we able to have a look and have a voice on what should be taught to our kids? Are we able to rescue our child soldiers? Or maybe i ask; are we the indoctrinated child soldiers who have now grown up to support and only see things the way we were educated?

This article is a little in line with my previous post on the language of symbols


3 thoughts on “Home Of The Child Soldier – #WinterABC2022 (Day 5)

  1. It’s just the term that we’re no longer in slavery when in natural fact we still are. The education system was the first thing they needed to change after the post independent because we become what we learn. There are just things which are unnecessary in our education system mainly to confuse us and to make sure we have stunted growth. To my surprise even universities, like why are we still learning about the Roman Duch?

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  2. With the appalling advent of mediocre Leadership across the precincts of Africa predisposes the situation for such rather inhuman Child Labour; in which
    Our Children are taken captive for this night mare.
    This delinquency exacerbated with excruciating poverty tends to be an uphill battle in which at times Africans are made to fight each other much to the
    Euphoria of the sponsors !!
    We need amicable financial freedom in that we can have a bigger voice from our perpetrators as at now we are volatile to this adverse corruption.
    The International Labour Organisation must double up its prowess from its cocoon of inertial and come to the rescue of Africa as the most vulnerable.

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