The Beauty Of A Rigged Game

Rigged game
Game of cards by Klim Musalimov

Politicians complain of rigged elections when they lose. Athletes have also complained of rigged games. Employees also complain when things do not go their way. All these complaints usually point to a manipulated system that is designed to favor only a few individuals, while it works against others. The complaints are purely based on either fact or perception.

Taking a break from thinking and talking about perceived injustices allows an individual to develop an objective view of events. It is this neutral mind that opens eyes to the beautiful lessons that come with setbacks. Appreciating these lessons plays a big role in future competitions.

Just your participation in the competition is enough confirmation and validation of your qualifications to move up. Appreciate that. Recognize that other applicants were disqualified during the shortlisting process. Their qualifications were deemed inadequate. The acceptance of your application to compete was the organisation’s way of saying, “we have looked at your credentials and have found you worthy to compete for this position. We will now subject you to an equal-opportunity situation where you compete against other suitable candidates.”

In the event that you do not make it, a clear and sober mind will help you to appreciate the whole process and pinpoint exactly where you went wrong. You slowly begin to respect the winners as you realize and accept that their win was well deserved, and on merit. This helps you to come back stronger as you formulate strategies that make you better prepared to face similar hurdles while handling new challenges with confidence and grace.

The key to winning any race or competition is to never give up. You tried and failed the first time. Get up. This could be your second or fourth attempt. Get up and keep trying. Keep perfecting yourself. The universe is rigged to favour those who persevere, even in the face of great adversity and failure. The world is full of athletes, politicians, authors and many others who finally succeeded after a long spell of trying and not giving up. They identified small wins and celebrated them, while strategizing on how to overcome newly identified hurdles. The right wind of “luck” blew their way, found them still in the game and carried them to their victory.

Truthfully speaking, everything is rigged in this world. Adequate preparation, mixed with the right attitude towards anything yields positive results. Poor preparation yields bad results. It all depends on you. You hold the power to rig the game. It will either work for you or against you based on your preparation.

The attitude you adopt after losing a competition is also rigged to put you in a position where you either develop a closed mind with complaints or an open mind that learns from failure and builds on your successes.

That rigged game is just a beautiful event that teaches you how to win more and better battles in future. Learn from it.


17 thoughts on “The Beauty Of A Rigged Game

  1. I LOVE how you used the word “rigged” and gave it a new perspective and a fresh meaning. Very well put!
    “You hold the power to rig the game so that it works for you- or against you”- thank you for putting our mindsets back in the driving seat. Looking forward to the next post 🙂

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  2. I hate it when people always blame the ‘system’ for being rigged. It’s just time for you to take responsibility and decide how you’re going to proceed.

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  3. It’s the attitude you maintain after a lost opportunity and how long you dwell on that lost opportunity that either makes or breaks you. Well said, the key is to never give up despite the outcome!

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  4. How true of and for many of Us especially for myself, My County and Africa as a Continent, A Timely Call to awake from our esteem of ashamed,caged, naked,ragged and victimized rigged clue to this Aware,inspired, Victorious Winners and surely We can and We have.
    Thanks Mr B.
    A challenge for a release of a Book in this area authored By You.

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  5. SUCCESS it self emanates from a repetoir of failures without loss of enthusiasm.
    A candid vivid example may be precinct in our own political podium in Zambia in which the incumbent President Hakainde Hichilema failed 6 times.
    Today we celebrate his triumph.
    The underlying word may be perceverance with focus.
    Many have lost out along their journey to succes.
    I personally endeavoured a few failed attempts to ascend to my current Management Portfolio.
    I submit !

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